I have been an anatomic pathologist for almost thirty years.  As a pathologist, I spend my time observing patterns and detail through a microscope to arrive at an accurate diagnosis for patients.  It is hard to know if I chose the profession because I was a visual learner or if over the years the profession has require me to develop and refine my visual skills. In any case, I find that the skills I have from my professional life can be applied to my interests in photography.  I can spend hours hiking through the woods or meadows in Northeast Ohio discovering through another lens the intricacies of nature.  I am drawn to "big picture" patterns, in addition to the middle and highest layers of detail that are abundant not only in my own backyard but in the surrounding parks.  Although I have many years of experience in my job, my career as a photographer has just begun.  I am thrilled to share what "I see" through my lens. Please feel free to contact me with suggestions or questions regarding my work.